Hot-dip Galvanized Coated ERW Steel Pipe

Galvanized steel pipe features a protective zinc coating that helps prevent corrosion, rust, and the buildup of mineral deposits, thereby extending the pipe’s lifespan. Galvanized steel pipe is most commonly used in plumbing and other water-supply applications.

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Coated in zinc, galvanized steel pipes are protected from oxidation and rust, which ultimately prevents deterioration of the pipe. They are a great option when you need to protect your steel pipes from a corrosive environment. The protective quality of galvanized pipe is created through a hot-dipping process, where the zinc then provides a protective layer that will rust away before any of the steel is affected Galvanized ERW Steel Pipe Advantage Hot-dip galvanizing has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life.The dense zinc-iron alloy layer of the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the steel tube base, which has strong corrosion resistance. Galvanized Pipes & Tubes has long been one of the most used building materials in the world. For decades, designers, builders & consumers seeking long term structural performance, in the tuff outdoor applications, have turned to zinc coated steel pipes. Galvanized Pipes resist the attack of wild, water & road salts. Galvanized Steel is the one, that's been covered with a layer of zinc metal. During galvanizing, steel is immersed in a molten zinc bath, ensuring a tough, uniform barrier coating. Zinc's natural corrosion resistance provides long-term protection, even in outdoor environments. Apart from preventing water corrosion, it is equally effective in dry & indoor environment.Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Process Flow: black pipe inspection — degrease — rinsing — pickling — water cleaning — solvent coating — drying by hot air — Hot Dipped Galvanizing — water cooling — passivation & rinsing — cleaning — drying — inspection and repair — marking, packing and storage Standards: ASTM A53 Standard Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, Welded and Seamless BS 1387 Standard Specification for Screwed and socketed steel tubes and tubulars and for plain end steel tubes suitable for welding or for screwing to BS 21 pipe threads ASTM A123 Standard Specification for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel ProductsGavanized steel pipeGavanized pipe ERW steel pipeGI ERW Pipe

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